Cranberry-Pistachio Biscotti

picture1Biscotti is an Italian biscuit cookie.  The name comes from a Latin word meaning “twice-baked.”  Biscotti cookies are quite hard and dry, as they are meant to be dipped in a drink.  They were originally dipped in Italian dessert wines, but today most people enjoy biscotti with their coffee or tea.  I particularly like to coat my biscotti in chocolate and let it melt off into my coffee.  Traditionally biscotti is made with almonds, but one thing I love about this cookie is that you can change the flavor quite a bit while using the same basic base recipe.  The recipe I am making today incorporates cranberries and pistachios, but you could use orange zest and hazelnuts, or even pumpkin puree and spices to make other flavors.  Just try to keep the liquid to dry ratio the same as this recipe.   Continue reading