Banana Pudding Pie

picture1I have always looooved pies, but I don’t make them very often.  I think part of the reason is that pies are so popular here in Texas,  that it is easy to buy one that’s pretty darn good!  One dessert that I’ve become a huge fan of since moving here is banana pudding.  They even have banana pudding ice cream here!  So I decided to turn it into a pie; a combination of banana cream pie and banana pudding.  It was a success…I cut a tiny sliver, as my grandmother would have said, and then couldn’t stop eating it.  I had to wrap it up and send it with Mikey to work this morning…he sent me a picture of an empty pie pan by 10:00 AM!  If you like pies and bananas, I would highly recommend this recipe 🙂  Continue reading