picture1Two nights ago my boyfriend, Mike, brought home some garlic bread to have with our dinner.  While I was eating it, I just kept thinking about the garlic bread that my mom would make with our dinners when I was younger.  The grocery stores around here use large loaves of white bread for their garlic bread, which is good, but my mom always used baguettes from the local bakery, and her’s is sooooo much better!  So for today’s post, I thought I would make some baguettes from scratch.  My intention was to use one of the baguettes to make garlic bread, but Mike got home from work just as I was taking the baguettes out of the oven…and we may have eaten both baguettes while they were still warm!  Oops.  It was definitely worth it though… I think this is an appropriate time to use that popular hashtag: #sorrynotsorry. Continue reading